A Sad News

This is the facebook message I got yesterday morning from my highschool friends.

Letter from Gene’s family

To all Gene’s relatives, friends, classmates and those who care for her. This is Naval Alvarez, Gene’s husband and Toni Mari, Gene’s daughter. We know that we’re not in the position to ask your kind heart and help in this situation regarding Gene’s condition. Gene is now suffering from a mass (bukol) on her left brain and it’s more than 3cm already. Her neurologist advised was to remove the mass right away to avoid further deterioration but actually Gene is suffering from continuous swelling of her lymph nodes monthly, and has been showing signs and symptoms of tiredness, sleepiness and memory loss since last year. Prior to that, just last Thursday, she met an accident wherein she fell to the ground, hit her head and was luckily found by our neighbor lying on the ground soaked in blood. If she was found a bit longer, she might not have made it because she was found unconscious. This is her second life already. But she’s not yet out of danger because during her two (2) CT Scans, the doctor found a mass on her left brain which is swelling already and more than 3cm bigger. We love Gene so much and we don’t want to loose her. An immediate operation is needed as soon as we got our 2nd opinion with another neurologist. We need your help and financial assistance and this is the best thing we could do for Gene to get operated as soon as possible. We don’t have that enough money for her operation which is amounting to more than 500,000. We’re not married that’s why she can’t avail of any medical benefits i have. PLEASE HELP GENE. You may get in touch with her sisters: Ms. GEORGETTE CARSON-ACBANG (0906-3116467) AND Ms. GEORGELYN CARSON-ACEBO (0917-5980394 and 0922-8470679). We would be very grateful to accept whatever financial assistance for Gene and we will return all the money in excess of her operation. Thanks so much……

Nakakalungkot makatanggap ng mga ganitong balita. Although, marami na ang mga pangyayaring ganito sa araw-araw, what made this extra sad is that we know the person. She was a highschool classmate and friend.

Time had passed at ang dami nang mga bagay , taon at pangyayari ang nagdaan. Maaaring sa mga taon na lumipas, marami na ring bagay ang natatandaan pa natin or hindi na, tungkol sa isang tao. Sometimes, a long time friend or acquaintance would just be a passing memory. Until we receive some surprising news about that person.

This thing brought all of us together again. Through facebook we were able to get in touch with each other again. And getting in touch for this event would surely be a beneficial one. Especially for our friend.


Pacman Sunday

As the world knows by now, Pacman emerged victorious for the eight time. It was one good fight, but nevertheless, one-sided.

Kitang-kita ang galit sa mukha ni Pacman! Iiyak nga yata eh!

Eto medyo masaya na si Manny!

Proud to be Pinoy!

See the difference. 

Manny is saying to himself: “Bigyan ko kaya ng uppercut si Junior nito?!”

Manny: “Let’s do the Tanggo!”

Margarito: “Paisa naman Manny! “ Manny: “Masakit yaan!”

Jinkee: “Siguro naman wala na si Krista dito noh!?”

Eto ang highlight ng Main Event!

Eto na naman ako…

Wow! May blog pa pala ako! After friendster, facebook, twitter at iba pa, nandito pa pala ang blog na ito. Nakatago na ito sa baul ng memorya ko kaya daantaon (weh!) na ang lumipas nang huli ko itong masulyapan, pagpagan ng alikabok at muling sariwain ang mga alaala ng kabaliwan at katinuan.

So, heto ulit. Subok ulit tayo na maghimay ng mga pangyayari sa ating buhay, sa araw-araw at gabi-gabi. Susubok akong muli na magtahi ng nilalaman ng aking magulong isip at pawindang-windang na takbo na buhay.

Ayoko na magbura ng mga naunang naisulat sa mga pahinang ito. Maaring magdulot ng kalituhan sa mga makabasa at makakilala sa akin. Huwag po! Inyo na lamang pong pansinin ang mga petsa at inyo nang maitutugma na ang mga pangyayari sa mga pahinang ito ay halaw sa iba’t ibang panahon ng aking paglalakad.

Isa sa malaking pagbabago ay pinalitan na ni Sweety si Honey. Past. Ex. Had been. My past. Yan na si Honey. Si Sweety ang present. Ang current. Ang source of inspiration. Ang muse of my literary mind. Ang future. Im just saying this para hindi magkaroon ng kalituhan sa mga susunod na pagbabalangkas ng mga kwento at istorya sa mga susunod na araw at panahon. (WEH!)

Anyway, sabi ko nga sige subukan ko ulit! subok lang ha!…

PNoy and Hotdogs

By Agence France-Presse, Updated: 9/24/2010

Criticism over Philippine leader’s New York hotdog binge

President Benigno Aquino’s spokesman on Friday defended the Philippine leader’s culinary tastes after newspapers showed him eating hotdogs in New York, where he attended a UN summit.

The 50-year-old bachelor came in for heavy criticism on social networking websites for his street-side food trips.

“Two views here — not presidential or down-to-earth. He loves to eat hotdogs. When in the US you would like to try the hotdogs,” his spokesman Edwin Lacierda told reporters.

“That was not scripted. He was looking forward to it.”

Aquino, who comes from a wealthy family, has sought to portray himself as the opposite of predecessor Gloria Arroyo, once criticised for treating her entourage to a 20,000-dollar meal at the famous New York restaurant Le Cirque.

Aquino had pledged to be frugal in his ongoing US visit, his first foreign trip as leader, bringing only a small delegation with him.

But visitors on Aquino’s popular Facebook account begged to differ.

“Do we really need this?,” wrote one anonymous commentator.

“What if the food is poisoned?”

Lacierda said Aquino spent 54 dollars to treat himself and members of his cabinet — as well as Filipino reporters — to hotdogs, while stressing that the president has also since gone to a steak house and eaten pasta.

Eh saan ba talaga lulugar ang tao sa inyo?….hmmmp

(from http://news.ph.msn.com/regional/article.aspx?cp-documentid=4355395)


     Been so busy the whole holiday season…in fact I was only able to visit my blog twice the whole season. Medyo nag aadjust pa ko with the new work and environment. Today, pinaalis ko muna ang dalawang chikiting ko para makapag alone time naman ako..

      Though I’ve been busy I dont forget to look back at what happened to me this year. It was full of challenges and trials for one. It was a difficult year for me but still a very good one. I’ve faced a lot of setbacks. Work. Relationship. Friends. But  sabi nga all’s well that ends well. December presented a major change and I definitely welcome it!

      This year my Honey came back to my life. It was a sudden decision honestly. But I know I made the right one this time. It is not that easy to jump from one relationship to another but who says jumping into anything is simple di ba? At the back of my mind, I always tell myself better try something than regret not having tried it even once.

     My kids also presented new challenges for me. Though wala naman ako malaki problema sa kanila, I just felt that everyday there’s something new I realized or noticed about each of them. Most heartfelt was when, on separate occassions, each of them told me how much they love me. Im a big guy but that drove me to tears literally.

    My work before was exciting at first but I got tired of it later part of the year. I was not seeing any progress so I decided to push my luck. Buti na lang hindi na whammy! I hit gold on the third try. Sana nga lang sustainable yung gold dito. 🙂

   Right now Im looking forward to the coming year with great anticipation and determination. I want to get some of my long term goals going this year. Hopefully lang I will be strong enough to pursue it.

   Happy New Year guys! And a blessed one too!   

New Job

Haven’t visited my blog the last few days. Kinda busy applying for a new job. Gusto ko kasi ng bagong environment pag dating ng new year. gusto ko ng ibang mapaglilibangan sa bagong taon. after more than a year, nagsawa na ko na ako na kausap ko lang eh monitor sa harap ko.

I dont regret being a call center agent kahit hindi kasing bongga ng ibang agent ang sweldo ko. at least i learned something new in that one year. kaya lang, i have to provide for two cute angels kaya i need to look for another job that i can turn into a career. so balik pagbabatak ng sasakyan! toink!

really, i find this new job quite challenging and more adventurous. plus the fact that i will really have to think and not just stare at the monitor and press those keys. di bale sana bawat press ng key eh pera agad dba?! and aside from that, my new boss happens to be a hot momma! 🙂 but a very confident and intelligent one at that..one that you could not fool around with (ay tama ba un?) but definitely an epitome of a career woman. she happens to be a media personality that switched to another career. i definitely want to experience working with a very driven woman who can command an entire army. toink!

though i started already today, i still have to go to my call center job in the afternoon to transfer my responsibilities to another agent. and to give due notice (ayan ha! ung makakabasa na sup ko, at least alam mo di ba ako balahura sa work ko! hindi ako basta nang-iiwan!).

Anyway, looking forward to updating my blogs from a new home and new faces! exciting year ahead guys…

IQ Test

55. You are taking an I.Q. test. What does I.Q. stands for?[  ] 1. Individual Quotient  2. Intelligence Quotation  3. Intelligence Quotient

blonde iq test   

I had my initial tests and interview today. Ito ang pinakanatandaan kong question sa IQ test ko. Gusto ko pag-isipan ng husto…sasagutin ko ba ng maayos to or joke lang to ng recruitment personnel?

Whatta Day!….

To start with, I was not able to sleep well the night before. Pabaling-baling ako sa kama. Nandung nakahiga, nakatagilid, nakatuwad, nakaupo at kung ano-ano pang posisyon pero di talaga ako dalawin ni pareng Antok. Alam ko there’s something amiss kaya di ako makatulog. Hindi naman ako maka-text sa Honey ko wala kasi akong load. Then finally after counting countless sheeps at kambing, nakatulog na rin ako….

5:00AM. Toink! Nagwawala na ang alarm ng celphone ko. Gising na. Baka ma-late ang anakis ko sa pagpasok. Ginigising ko sya habang ako nakapikit pa..galing di ba?! To cut the story short, we were able to prepare for school without so much kulitan at inisan. And for a change, I was able to do something different naman sa hair nya. Improving na!

I was able to text my Honey in the morning. May sakit ang Honey ko. Hindi raw sya makakapasok. So very worried ako. Im planning to drop by sa condo nya pagtapos ng work. Though hindi ko muna sinabi sa kanya. Hindi ko pa rin kasi sure sched ko for the day.

8:30AM. Gising naman ng bunso ko. Breakfast. Then sugod sa barber shop para sa haircut ko. Akay-akay ko pa ang kiddo ko na medyo inaantok-antok pa.  We both enjoy going to the barbershop lalo na pag sya ang magpapa-haircut and part ito ng bonding ritual namin mag-aama. And for one, kailangan papogi para sa interview tomorrow. I got this call last night on my way home para sa isang job interview somewhere in Ortigas so kailangan medyo paghandaan. 🙂 During the gupitan session, bigla lumabas ang aking anakis so medyo panic kasi maraming sasakyan sa labas. Gusto lang pala mag wiwi ng aking anakis kaya lumabas. Binata na! Sanay na tumayo sa pader at magwiwi!

On the way to the office, I thought ok na kasi may nagdaan agad na FX Ayala sa harap ng subdivision. Medyo makakatipid ng P10 sa pamasahe. Yehey!…Toink! Bagito ung driver kaya ang bagal mag drive. Waaah! Sabay ang init pa. Parang heater ang nasa loob. Medyo mabait pa ako kaya malumanay pa pagkakasabi ko: “Bossing, pa-lakas naman ng aircon..” Nilakasan nga. Kaso lalo uminit. Kainis!

More than an hour, dumating din kami ng Makati. Medyo maaga pa kaya petiks muna. Check ng emails. Aba! Marami from wordpress. Moderate blah-blah daw. Hindi ko naman alam yun kaya I thought baka may censored ako na nailagay sa previous entries ko. When I opened it, medyo paunti-unti bumubuka ang mga labi ko para ngumiti…may comments ang blog ko! Yehey! Coming from S3lvO, Maru and Koreanmine. Sila po ang naka first time sa kin 🙂 And Im flattered, proud, speechless, ecstatic, <Thesaurus needed>, etc. (Maraming salamat po sa pag welcome! 🙂 )

Then bigla lumindol. Nyaha!

Quake hits Manila

An earthquake hit Metro Manila at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.A radio dzMM report said Malacañang employees evacuated the second and third floors of the palace after the quake struck.

The Philippine Institute for Volcanology and Seismology said it has yet to gather information about the quake.

Nyaha talaga! Galing ng salubong sa first comments ko. Earth-shattering experience!

Text agad sister ko  “Ok ka ba dyan lakas ng lindol dito”. Hello!! Pareho kaya tayo nasa Makati! Or at least malapit ka na sa Makati! Anyway, hintay na lang tayo ng updates from news bureaus para sa latest earthquake na to. Sana lang walang damages whatsoever. Filipinos do not need more calamities than they already had for the past weeks.

And to think tanghali pa lang yan. What’s in store pa kaya the whole day? Let’s see…Work muna tayo!!

Everyday Chores

Weekend na naman. Usually, my weekend is really not of the ordinary. Hindi rin kasi ordinary ang status ko for now. (i’ll probably blog it later on). Anyway, my weekends are generally spent with my Honey and with my kids. Friday night I usually go to my Honey’s ‘condo’ and make up for lost time (naks! a rather fashionably understatement!) until most of the weekened, and then with my kids for some bonding time. Though everyday I am the one who prep up my eldest for school. As in waking her up (which by the way takes up a lot of our time), cooking her breakfast, preparing her baon and everything she needs for school, letting her take her bath (which again takes up a lot of time) (by the way my daughter is only six years old and Prep pa lang kaya as in todo assist sa pagpasok nya), dress her up and then wait for manong service. Generally ok lang lahat yan gawin early in the morning kahit na I arrive at usually 10 or 11 pm at night. As in ano ba magagawa ko eh anak ko yan!

Pinakanakakatuwang gawain namin mag-ama in the morning is pag mag-aayos na ng buhok nya. Syempre girlie ang anak ko and ako naman ay isang macho at matipunong ama (walang kokontra! blog ko to!). So nakakawindang na aayusan ko ng buhok ang aking anak dahil ano ba naman ang alam ko sa pag ayos ng buhok. Ang alam ko lang sa buhok ay lagyan ng gel at suklayin pababa at pataas. So lagi kami nag-aaway ng anak ko lalo na pag may gusto syang ayos sa buhok nya! (Hayaan mo anak! kukuha ako ng course sa hair and make up para hindi tayo mahirapan!).

After that sabay hatid na sa kanya pag pumotpot na si manong service. Then depende na lang kung inaantok pa ko, either maglilinis/maglalaba/magpaplantsa/maglilinis ng labas ng bahay or matutulog ulit ako. Pag nagising naman ang aking anak na lalaki mula sa kanyang hibernation, another set of pagiging yaya naman (less of course ng school preparation kasi di pa sya nag-aaral). Then at 9am off to work na.

Pag weekends yan naman ang aking bonding time with my Honey. Syempre Friday morning palang my imagination is running berserk na! Yehey! Popoy time 🙂 ! Just kidding honey! Syempre yan ung time namin to share whatever transpired during the week. Kung may konting away eh dyan nareresolve fully yan. (syempre eh di walang alam mo na pag may war!). And during weekends din nagkakaroon ng pyesta sa condo nya. We make it a point to prepare special menu during weekends. Special as in whatever yung trip namin i-prepare or whatever we have talked about within the week. And of course with my Honey commanding the kitchen, always masarap ang pagkain namin for our bonding time.

Come Sunday afternoon or evening, I head back to my kids and spend some mall time with them. Since kaka-open lang ng SM near our place, it became easier for us to walk to the mall and either play videogames or mag stroll or kumain. Addict pa naman sa videogames pareho tong tsikiting ko kaya to the max ang laruan pag magkakasama na kami.

Most importantly, I am able to spend quality time with the people that really means a lot to me. My kids and my Honey. It is quite difficult to balance and make time for each of them but at the end of the day, I could always say that each day with them is a day well spent.

First time…

Sablay!!!…yan ang first time ko! galing di ba?

I was about to start making this entry. Todo isip sa pag compose ng isang sensible na entry tapos mawawala lang pala. Nag-uumapaw kasi ang talino ko sa computer. Pag pindot ng ‘Look here!’ nawala ang composition ko. Galing mo talaga!

Anyways, this is my first blog entry. Today is November 23, 2007. Friday afternoon at my workstation. Binabayaran ako ng company habang ginagawa ko ang first blog ko! Talk about being compensated while blogging di ba?!

Questions: 1) Tama ba tong ginagawa ko? 2) Kaya ko bang panindigan to? 3) Ano kaya ulam namin ni Honey mamaya? (ay mali! di pala kasama sa questions yun!) 3) Ano kaya resulta nito? 4) Maging famous kaya ako dito? 5) Kelan kaya ang first libel case ko? 6) Gay nga ba si Piolo? (question yan ha! pero di pa rin sya kasama sa mga questions ko!) 6) How many indescretions kaya mai-post ko dito?….

Well, sabi nga ng isang ordinaryong mamamayan tulad ko: Bahala na si Batman! basta uumpisahan ko ito at walang pipigil sa kin! Nyaha!