New Job

Haven’t visited my blog the last few days. Kinda busy applying for a new job. Gusto ko kasi ng bagong environment pag dating ng new year. gusto ko ng ibang mapaglilibangan sa bagong taon. after more than a year, nagsawa na ko na ako na kausap ko lang eh monitor sa harap ko.

I dont regret being a call center agent kahit hindi kasing bongga ng ibang agent ang sweldo ko. at least i learned something new in that one year. kaya lang, i have to provide for two cute angels kaya i need to look for another job that i can turn into a career. so balik pagbabatak ng sasakyan! toink!

really, i find this new job quite challenging and more adventurous. plus the fact that i will really have to think and not just stare at the monitor and press those keys. di bale sana bawat press ng key eh pera agad dba?! and aside from that, my new boss happens to be a hot momma! 🙂 but a very confident and intelligent one at that you could not fool around with (ay tama ba un?) but definitely an epitome of a career woman. she happens to be a media personality that switched to another career. i definitely want to experience working with a very driven woman who can command an entire army. toink!

though i started already today, i still have to go to my call center job in the afternoon to transfer my responsibilities to another agent. and to give due notice (ayan ha! ung makakabasa na sup ko, at least alam mo di ba ako balahura sa work ko! hindi ako basta nang-iiwan!).

Anyway, looking forward to updating my blogs from a new home and new faces! exciting year ahead guys…


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  1. koreanmine said,

    December 11, 2007 at 5:37 pm

    wow buti ka pa. aq din gus2 ko na mag iba ng work kaso di pa keri sa ngaun, sna summer of nxt year, ako din 😀 gudlak sa new job mo 😉

    thank you poh! and thanks for dropping by…medyo late lang ako mag update ng blog kasi busy sa training but i will be updating my blog before Christmas….

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