A Sad News

This is the facebook message I got yesterday morning from my highschool friends.

Letter from Gene’s family

To all Gene’s relatives, friends, classmates and those who care for her. This is Naval Alvarez, Gene’s husband and Toni Mari, Gene’s daughter. We know that we’re not in the position to ask your kind heart and help in this situation regarding Gene’s condition. Gene is now suffering from a mass (bukol) on her left brain and it’s more than 3cm already. Her neurologist advised was to remove the mass right away to avoid further deterioration but actually Gene is suffering from continuous swelling of her lymph nodes monthly, and has been showing signs and symptoms of tiredness, sleepiness and memory loss since last year. Prior to that, just last Thursday, she met an accident wherein she fell to the ground, hit her head and was luckily found by our neighbor lying on the ground soaked in blood. If she was found a bit longer, she might not have made it because she was found unconscious. This is her second life already. But she’s not yet out of danger because during her two (2) CT Scans, the doctor found a mass on her left brain which is swelling already and more than 3cm bigger. We love Gene so much and we don’t want to loose her. An immediate operation is needed as soon as we got our 2nd opinion with another neurologist. We need your help and financial assistance and this is the best thing we could do for Gene to get operated as soon as possible. We don’t have that enough money for her operation which is amounting to more than 500,000. We’re not married that’s why she can’t avail of any medical benefits i have. PLEASE HELP GENE. You may get in touch with her sisters: Ms. GEORGETTE CARSON-ACBANG (0906-3116467) AND Ms. GEORGELYN CARSON-ACEBO (0917-5980394 and 0922-8470679). We would be very grateful to accept whatever financial assistance for Gene and we will return all the money in excess of her operation. Thanks so much……

Nakakalungkot makatanggap ng mga ganitong balita. Although, marami na ang mga pangyayaring ganito sa araw-araw, what made this extra sad is that we know the person. She was a highschool classmate and friend.

Time had passed at ang dami nang mga bagay , taon at pangyayari ang nagdaan. Maaaring sa mga taon na lumipas, marami na ring bagay ang natatandaan pa natin or hindi na, tungkol sa isang tao. Sometimes, a long time friend or acquaintance would just be a passing memory. Until we receive some surprising news about that person.

This thing brought all of us together again. Through facebook we were able to get in touch with each other again. And getting in touch for this event would surely be a beneficial one. Especially for our friend.


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